J Street is a term for one of Washington D.C.’s newest lobbies, a lobby in support of an Israeli two-state solution. This upstart lobby, less than five years old, sees itself as a David to the immensely powerful lobby American Jewish pro-Israel lobby. This feature length documentary tracks the J Street lobby as it attempts to change what it means to be pro-Israel in America. We watch as they struggle to influence the Obama administration towards taking an active role in negotiating a two-state solution. J STREET is shot with the intimacy of cinema verite, and we feel the pulse of this grass-roots organization as they attend high-level strategy meetings and spend long, intense nights working towards their goal. J STREET pulls us into this group of passionate lobbyists and their fervent efforts to persuade those in power. This documentary is at once a compelling story about the American political process at work and about the desperate need for Israel to reach a lasting peace.