KEEP ME IN YOUR PRAYERS is a short film based on the letters of René Archambault (formerly a Maryknoll father) and Barbara Fulton Archambault (formerly Sister Maureen Francis), as they contemplated leaving religious life to explore the possibility of building a new family together. At its heart, the film explores how two people who chose a committed life to serving Christ, struggled with the natural human desire to find love and connection in another person. Despite their shared wish that they could be committed both to service and each other, they were forced to choose. And with that choice came both sacrifice and discovery. At a time when the Catholic Church is contemplating opening its doors to married priests, this film visits the legacy of the faithful that the Church has lost by not acting sooner. Based in this rich, emotional archive of personal correspondence; the film will use a collage approach, artfully weaving animation, family photographs, archival footage, and audio interviews with Barbara and René’s friends who knew them as missionaries in Peru together.

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