An art form born in the USA has sparked a global movement, but most Americans have no idea. They’ve never heard of Kid Lucky or the generation of beatboxers he taught to make symphonies with their mouths. Commonly known as the Charles Xavier of beatbox, Kid once revived the American beatbox scene by tracking down the country’s finest vocal X-Men and bringing them together. Now, a deadly cancer diagnosis threatens to tear his life apart. With limited time and a mountain of healthcare costs, Kid must harness his ability to inspire a movement. With help from a crew of sonic super-humans, he sets out to mobilize the community he built to save his life and legacy.

Through healthcare fundraisers, world championships, chemotherapy, lifetime achievement awards, surgeries, and an historic Broadway debut, Kid navigates the harrowing lows and staggering highs of survival as an artist in America. In a country where healthcare is a privilege for the lucky, Kid faces his biggest adversary yet: the insidious racial bias permeating the US medical system. Despite its flaws, Kid sets out to prove that America is still a land of possibilities. In New York City, the birthplace of beatboxing, he reaches unimaginable heights through the raw, unbridled power of the human voice.

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