Latinos continue to increase in numbers in the United States. The Hispanic Federation describes them as the “single most important driver of U.S. population growth,” accounting now for 19% percent of the total U.S. population. With this increase in numbers have also come the opportunity to expand the value that Latinos bring to the economy. According to a research from the Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative, Latino-owned businesses are currently “contributing about $700 billion in annual sales.” To put it in perspective, “one in four new businesses, traditionally key sources of new jobs, is now Latino-owned.” As the economic force they are becoming, it is important to highlight their contributions to the thriving communities they live in. This has the potential to positively impact other Latinos by motivating them to create their own paths, at the same time they increase the value they bring to the nation.

LA BUENA COSECHA is the story of three entrepreneurs from Colombia, Puerto Rico and Peru who, along with their families, make their way in the competitive US food market. Trying to overcome many obstacles, they must learn to be resilient to fulfill their dreams, honor their latino roots, ensure the legacy for their children and make lasting contributions to the US economy.

This film contributes to the positive narrative of the Latino entrepreneurship power, while spotlighting how their presence in the United States is having a positive impact on its social, cultural and economic development.

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