LINCOLN IS CRYING is a scathing indictment of politics in the “Land of Lincoln”…and it’s funny too. The new documentary from filmmakers John Davies and Brian Kallies presents a funny/sad look at the pervasive, deep-rooted culture of political corruption in Illinois. Why focus on Illinois? Well, it’s the most corrupt state in America and home to Chicago, the most corrupt city in America. LINCOLN IS CRYING is a cautionary tale for all other states and given what’s happening in national politics, it couldn’t be timelier.

The film is narrated by James Todd Lincoln, the non-partisan, fictional great, great-great grandson of President Abraham Lincoln. Voiced by comedic actor David Pasquesi (VEEP, LODGE 49, AT HOME WITH AMY SEDARIS), James Todd is very concerned about what’s been happening in his home state and he’s certain “Great Granddad” would be, too. The Lincolns have reason to be concerned: four modern Governors have gone to prison, including Democrat Rod Blagojevich who infamously tried to sell President-elect Barack Obama’s U.S. Senate seat. Blagojevich has already served eight years of his 14-year sentence. President Trump, who once fired “Blago” from his reality show THE APPRENTICE, recently commuted the governor’s sentence…against the advice of his own party and the Democrats too. The film builds to the outrageous Blagojevich story.