Confronted with an ever-escalating irretrievable loss of sight, award-winning filmmaker Jane Weiner discovers that her situation is not unique.

Camera in hand, she travels to North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and Eastern Europe, exploring the visual aspects and impacts of ‘how we see what we see’ while constructing a creative documentary that pulls back the curtain on the worldwide Myopia Epidemic.

Embedded for five years with the world’s top Vision Scientists, Jane interweaves their observations, theories, and breakthrough discoveries with testimonials of individuals coping with serious vision loss caused by childhood myopia, giving firsthand witness to the real-life challenges on both sides of the story.

This multi-platform project, consisting of a feature-length documentary, a 52-minute TV version and 5x web shorts, is designed to reach a wide, non-scientifically-oriented, world audience of all ages.

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