A young gay Romani couple from a remote village in Hungary has a dream so absurd that it seems impossible: making a musical film based on their lives.

Gergo and Lenard are a young gay male couple living in a remote Roma (gypsy) community in the poorest part of Hungary. They have been disinherited by their families. They have nothing, no stable job, no supportive family around. They live in a community where being gay is considered an unforgivable sin, and due to their religious beliefs, they believe in their own guilt as well.

Despite all of these circumstances and living with multiple disadvantages, they manage to truly love one another and stick together. They could continue to live out their lives within this hostile environment, accepting that they don’t deserve more. But, Lenard has a dream, a dream which is so absurd that it seems almost impossible. They should write a musical film based on their own life story. He would write the script, and his boyfriend Gergo would compose the music.

The first step towards achieving their dream is moving to the capital, Budapest, where gay life is more available and abundant. Gergo finds a suitable job, so they can afford to pay the rent on a tiny apartment. While he works at a construction site doing hard physical labor, Lenard starts working on their dream project. He finds Zsófi, a student scriptwriter, who offers her help developing the screenplay. He also contacts the media and the local LGBTQ community and begins a very active life on social media in order to build up their public image and become famous.

Moving to Budapest and facing liberal ways of thinking makes their journey even more challenging. As they work on their musical, they have to overcome their own conservative beliefs, especially in a city where LGBTQ life is increasingly at risk from the Far Right government. They have to integrate, step by step, this new and more open mindset. When the sudden death of Gergo’s mother brings a tragic wrinkle to their story, they return to the family who disowned them for one final reckoning, helping them to finally accept their sexual orientation, the key to their own acceptance and their own chance to at happiness.

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