A chronicle of three of the filmmaker’s loved ones as they search for fulfillment in friendship, One Another is an ode to the power and freedom of platonic love. Over the course of multiple years, the film traces the effect of friendships as they are broken, tested, and remade.

The film collapses past and present to weave together the stories of Lorri, Giorgia, and Joe. Lorri recalls growing up the child of a single mother in the 80s as part of a mutual aid group, and she unravels how that experience shapes her own relationships to this day as a single mother. Giorgia grapples with a new bipolar diagnosis, precipitating the end of a childhood friendship and propelling her back to her childhood home and memories. Joe undertakes a cross country move in search of a queer community where he can belong, but realizes he must become more comfortable with himself before he can truly move on.

As the film unfolds, we see that implicated in friendship are deep feelings about identity, past traumas, happy memories, and lifelong desires. Our friendships can say a lot about who we are as people, what we value, how we communicate, and how the world sees us. It is time we pay more attention to them.

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