POLIS IS THIS wrestles with the six foot eight inch 275 lb colossus of poetry. Charles Olson, in the squared circle of understanding. Through never before seen footage and interviews actor John Malkovich leads an all-star unit in a search and explore mission. Olson, the “big fire source” for a restless generation of poets known as The Beats stands more revealed than ever before. Through Ferrini’s poetry-in-motion lens, viewers can now see Olson’s landscapes through the fresh eyes of America’s Archaeologist of Morning. “Sublime…simply stunning” says Author Jim Harrison. “An invaluable contribution to our literature” notes Russell Banks. Charles Olson the “original aboriginal” fights to save his town from so-called progress as the bullzoder of change rumbles down Main Street USA. His challenge to us? We must either rediscover the earth or leave it. Have we all become estranged from that which is most familiar? See POLIS IS THIS before the cultural wetlands are completely drained and maybe you can save the place where you live.