In 1990, a young man’s decapitated head and feet were discovered in a dumpster in Hollywood. Thirty-one years later the crime remains unsolved. With extraordinary access to the key individuals at the center of the story, Pretty Boy Blue dives into the underground world of gay porn production in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, unearthing a world where sexual liberation collided with crime. The film examines terrifying scenarios that haunt the community to this day, namely that America’s most famous serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer was active for a short while in California, and more frighteningly, that an unknown serial killer was operating with ease, and was never caught. The ongoing investigation allows for a third possibility, which is that the crime will be solved, as the LAPD have reopened the case and new leads continue to arrive due to the efforts of the film’s director, Rachel Mason, and a cohort of her collaborators that continue to put the story about Billy’s tragic death in the public spotlight.

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