His life was a gift and his appeal was universal. We believe the story of what really happened to him is, too. Robin’s Wish is a timely and urgent biography of the much beloved Robin Williams that weaves together the untold love story of his third marriage, his untimely suicide, his rare neurological illness, and his universal experience moving through pain in the search for healing and joy.

ROBIN’S WISH goes beyond other attempts at narrating Robin’s life to strike at a deeper, richer story about the harrowing time that led up to his controversial suicide, and its aftermath. The film aims to fill a major gap in his life story and legacy, and provide new meaning to his fans all over the world — while bringing to light the unseen world of the rare brain disease Lewy Body Dementia that caused him to take his own life.

Through the lens of Robin’s widow Susan, who works with the American Brain Foundation to fight LBD, and his close friends at the time of his passing such as comedy legends Mort Sahl and Michael Pritchard, Robin’s Wish reveals Robin’s dissociative experiences with the devastating neurological illness. It also shows powerful way he battled to maintain himself in his final years with the love and support of his friends and colleagues, without knowing what was killing him — an all too common experience for those with LBD. This story has remained untold until now, along with the stories of renewal and love that Robin found in those final years.

Beyond Robin’s personal experience, our film uses what he went through to tackle broader stigmas around the mental symptoms of physiological diseases, issues around suicide and healing, and the need for more funding for research into neurological diseases. With the aid of our consulting partners the American Brain Foundation, Lewy Body Dementia Association, Michael J. Fox Foundation and the Parkinson’s Foundation — along with our lead science advisor David Eagleman and award-winning executive producer Jim Czarnecki — the coalition behind our filmmaking team has the unique and exciting opportunity to bring audiences the essential film about Robin Williams, and the first of its kind about LBD.