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This short documentary takes us into the world of Rocco, who is autistic and non-verbal. He lives in Montauk with his parents and younger sister, and he has always loved being in the ocean. Ben, Rocco’s father, has always dreamt of having a surfing son. He is determined to help Rocco learn to surf. Sara, Rocco’s mother, takes the lead on his cognitive and language development. Challenges persist, but triumphs abound. Both parents discover that Rocco is teaching them powerful ways to be present. Over the years, Rocco develops confidence, grace, and remarkable balance in the water. His elation as he stands up and moves to the front of his board is clear to everyone. The Montauk beachgoers watch, spontaneously cheer “Rocco up!” and reflect on his focus, nimbleness, and joy when surfing with his father. Unscripted interviews are testimonials to limitless family love, the stoke of community support, and the neuroscience behind our enchantment with water.

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