One of the first radio-guided missiles ever launched in war sank a transport ship killing 1015 US soldiers in a secret attack that remains the greatest loss of life at sea in the history of US war. This shocking WWII documentary uncovers classified documents confirming that the large number of casualties was due to non-functioning lifeboats and inadequate lifebelts worn by the soldiers. The US War Department declared the disaster classified indefinitely ordering all survivors to remain silent. Casualty families were misled as most of the parents of the dead soldiers went to their own graves never knowing what happened to their boys, they just never came home.

“The few historians who even know about the Rohna attack will tell you that it stayed classified due to an oversight; as if they forgot to declassify the files of the largest loss of life at sea in the history of US war. “It was lost in the shuffle,” is what one historian said. My feelings about this are very different, I don’t believe that 1000 mothers who lost their sons under such mysterious circumstances allowed the War Department to forget the Rohna disaster.”

-Jack Ballo
Producer / Director


History War

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