Filmmaker and performer Jeremy Xido grew up in Detroit as the only white kid in his neighborhood, raised by neighbors who took him in when his parents were struggling. Twenty years ago, he left home and hasn’t gone back, haunted by something he left behind.

Until now.

Jeremy returns to the city to perform a stage piece he’s presented all over the world and to find out what happened to his childhood best friend, Boo. As he attempts to mount the show, his search for Boo takes over, unexpectedly thrusting him into the complex, painful, and beautiful history of the home and neighborhood he left behind.

At turns funny and heartbreaking, SONS OF DETROIT is an urgently contemporary film about how our most intimate sense of self is forged within global patterns of history. By braiding documentary, narrative, and performance, the film looks at how the things we hide, even from ourselves, insist on being seen, spoken, and embraced.

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