Colombia seems on the brink of ending the bloody 50-year long war between the government and the jungle-based FARC guerrillas. As talks between the two sides continue, 10,000 FARC fighters, many who know little but a life of jungle warfare, wonder if Colombia can forgive the carnage and allow them to reenter civilian life. Diana, an ex-FARC combatant, is trying to reintegrate into Colombian society after 8 years of fighting with the FARC. A piece of Diana’s past still lies in the FARC controlled jungle — her sister, who continues to fight with the FARC guerrilla forces. She hopes to locate and bring her sibling back to begin a new life, but can they assimilate into a war-weary Colombia that is reluctant to forgive and accept them? This is the story of one family torn apart by violence, two sisters separated by war, 10,000 guerrilla soldiers awaiting their future, and a country of millions coming to terms with its past — all strangers to peace.