SUMMER READING is a documentary about two young women traveling across America, along the way meeting both with renowned and roadside psychics of all schools – tarotmancers, astrologers, and even animal communicators.
Summer reading was something that marked the moments in between stages of education as well as that bridged these. Following our graduation in May, our Summer Reading will be just that, but we’ll let the psychics do the reading.

Over the course of our journey—one that spans seven weeks and 25 cities—we hope to explore parts of our identities and our country that are tied to magic of all kinds.

Our trip begins in Manhattan, the city in which we met as well as where we have lived, worked, created, and studied for the last four years. From here, we will rent a car, starting south along the coast, moving southwest through Tennessee and subsequently Louisiana, turning northeastward to pass through the Rocky Mountains, and eventually Washington before moving southward once more to San Francisco where we will board a train back to New York.

This is a film about womanhood, mysticism, and magic.