“The theatre industry in New York City is a large and vast ecosystem. And just like any ecosystem,  there are things that are codependent on each other.”  – Jim Joseph, House Manager

The 2018-2019 Broadway season was the highest-grossing year of all time, but in March 2020 New York’s theatre went dark. What followed was the most devastating loss to theatre since the AIDS crisis. Over 100,000 jobs were paused, leaving Broadway’s $14 billion dollar economic impact in a
shadow of uncertainty.

THE LONGEST INTERMISSION highlights the importance of theatre in New York. It tells the stories of individuals affected by the shutdown and follows them as they have rebuilt their careers, their businesses, and their theatres in the wake of the pandemic.

THE LONGEST INTERMISSION will bring an inside view to the struggles performers, crew members, staff, and outside vendors, who built their businesses around the theatre, underwent during the pandemic and what has changed since they returned.

Already in production this six-episode series will show how inequities, real estate, and politics continually stymie the theatre, yet how the old adage, ‘the show must go on’ is reflected in the creative ways so many storytellers find a way to bring stories to audiences even in the darkest days and how even against the odds, they will keep theatre’s light shining. THE LONGEST INTERMISSION will use footage taken during the pandemic with additional footage to be shot in early 2023.

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