Sex is complicated. Dating is impossible. Marriage is interminable. Within seconds of meeting an attractive human, our brains are flooded with a potent cocktail of hormones and demands that fundamentally change our sense of what makes life worth living. We are slaves to Iove and Iust, and the majority of us will spend our waking lives hiding everything we really want to say from everyone we really want to say it to.

THE SECRET LIFE OF HUMANS is an encyclopedia for sex and relationships in the modern era, presented in an attractive, fully-animated style. Each short episode explores a different area­ from the history of marriage, to the convoluted language of one-night stands, to the politics of polyamory. We mix interviews with scientists, historians, and other experts with deeply honest stories from regular people just trying to figure it all out.

It might be insanely ambitious – but if we can pull this off, it will change the world.