Eric Andersen is the restless, wandering kind who follows his own river to its own destination. As a musician, he defies categorization. His artful mélange of love, despair, hope and stirred memory has earned him a passionate international following and the respect and admiration of artists ranging from Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen to Wyclef Jean and the late Lou Reed. THE SONGPOET offers a look into the mind, soul and creative process of this multifaceted, complex and singularly driven artist whose early career saw great expectations waylaid by misfortune.

From the Beats and Greenwich Village folkies to The Netherlands where Andersen now lives, THE SONGPOET follows his remarkable 50-year journey that continues today as he writes and records with a poetic passion. With unprecedented access to Andersen and his personal archives, the film is a study on the culture of fame, the fragility of an artist’s career and the integrity of the artist as it reveals the indestructible energy that drives Eric Andersen — THE SONGPOET.

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