We’re launching an impact campaign to take THE STRIKE to audiences across the country. If you’ve seen the film already then you’ve gotten to know Jack Morris and Dolores Canales and the other protagonists at the center of the film. Together with Jack, Dolores, and others we are excited about bringing the film on a festival tour, organizing community screenings, and participating in conversations with diverse crowds. Your support will allow us to make this happen!

Amidst the redwood trees on the California-Oregon border sits one of the most infamous prisons in US history. Pelican Bay is a labyrinthine construction of solid cement blocks – a supermax prison – opened in 1989 and designed specifically for mass-scale solitary confinement. For decades, it held mostly Black and Brown men alone in tiny cells indefinitely. Then one day in 2013, 30,000 prisoners went on hunger strike.

THE STRIKE weaves together a half century of personal and criminal justice history into a single, compelling narrative around the drama of the 2013 hunger strike to end indefinite isolation. Told through the stories of the men who bore the brunt of this practice, the film details how the protest was conceived from a whisper inside the halls of Pelican Bay to a colossal feat across California prisons. With unprecedented access to state prison officials and never-before-seen footage from inside Pelican Bay, THE STRIKE reveals the panic that gripped the highest echelons of state government.

THE STRIKE goes beyond making a case against solitary confinement; it illuminates the power of organizing and prisoner-led resistance, and in doing so, flips the true-crime genre on its head.

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