The United States of Urvashi is an intimate portrait of a fierce, proud, charismatic lesbian activist, Urvashi Vaid, and her many states of being.  The film explores her 40-year career as a queer public intellectual and agitator through the lens of personal relationships: her decades-long partnership with comedian Kate Clinton, her extended South Asian family, and her chosen queer community. The documentary also tells the history of queer rights organizing over the last 45 years, examining the organizations and causes that Vaid led and championed. In doing so, it expresses her queer joy, and all the ways in which she loved her lesbian life.

Over a 40-year career, Vaid was driven by the question of how marginalized groups create change, work for equality, and overcome systemic discrimination. These questions remain vitally urgent today, despite gains in many areas, as BIPOC and LGBTQ citizens, youth, arts and culture face unprecedented political attacks and vitriolic pushback. She also loved and joyously celebrated her life as a lesbian.

Produced and Directed by Nancy Kates

Produced by Deepa Donde

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