With heart and grace, TRIAL BY FIRE: LIVES RE-FORGED honors the courage and strength of burn survivors as they reclaim their lives — and dreams — after the devastation of fire. The film follows the journeys of ordinary people who rise above their injuries and discover unexpected insights along the way — a transformed worldview, deeper interpersonal connections and a strong commitment to make a difference.

A firefighter endures a 1500 degree firestorm; a teenage athlete engulfed in flames triumphs against all odds; an oil refinery worker survives a seemingly un-survivable explosion; a model refuses to be defined by her scars; a family is united through tragedy; and a 12-year-old sprint car driver pulled from a flaming wreck tries to convince her parents to let her back on the track. These powerful stories are framed and given context by American war hero and charismatic motivational speaker, J.R. Martinez.

In a culture that prizes physical beauty over strength of character, TRIAL BY FIRE: LIVES RE-FORGED challenges us to go beyond the superficial and redefine our concept of true beauty. This film is a celebration of courage, a campaign to help save lives and a movement to make the world a more respectful and welcoming place.