Why do we dance? How is dancing linked to music? Do animals dance too? How does dance connect us to one another? Can it improve our health?

We all have the impulse to dance–it meets our need for community as social creatures. In western culture, concerns with body image and perfectionism can inhibit this impulse, yet we’re born to move to a beat. This film explores the biology behind dance while demonstrating its artistic and social appeal.

Our film incorporates the personal stories of diverse dancers to link scientific concepts to lived experience. In exploring dance from different cultures we come to appreciate how this universal activity has diverse forms and meanings. We examine the relationship between music, movement, and the brain, as well as the biological incentives for group activity. In considering how dance mitigates the effects of Parkinson’s Disease, we learn more about why we all have the impulse to move to a beat. Dance sets our species apart and helps define our humanity.


Science Dance

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