For Native Americans, the loss of their traditional language, religion, historical knowledge and spiritual ceremonies has led to a population with the highest level of addiction and suicides in America. Young Indians feel trapped on the reservation and unwanted in mainstream America. There are few positive role models and many young tribal members come from dysfunctional family backgrounds.

Healing the Spirit chronicles the work of three Pima Indians, calling themselves Red Hide, who have brought traditional tribal skills and healing to young Native Americans in Arizona. Our film tells the story of the three founders of Red Hide who formed a support group to help themselves and others who were dealing with addiction, gang violence and family trauma. The film will focus on Red Hide’s current work and its impact on young Pima Indians.

Healing the Spirit films in the vivid backdrop of the deserts, mountains and rivers of Arizona, coupled with a view of reservation life, urban blight and desperation. Through the application of the traditional Healing Circle, Sweat Lodge, Tribal Dance, Drumming Ceremony and the teaching of historic tribal skills, the film highlights young Indians developing a sense of pride in their heritage, self-respect, self-reliance and what it means to be a member of the Pima nation.


James R. Kane, Executive Producer. James has over 40 years of experience in creating and operating mental health and addiction programs throughout the United States. He has worked with Native Americans in vocational training, job development and in the inclusion of traditional aboriginal healing in mental health treatment programs. James has overseen web based communication, advertising and multi-media productions. James is originally from Chicago Illinois but has lived for the past 25 years on the South Shore of Massachusetts.

Fidel Moreno, Director. Fidel is an Oscar nominee for Best Short Documentary “Healing the Tears of 7 Generations”. He is a three time Telly Award winner for “Peyote Road” and “500 Nations” and was Field Director for “Dances with Wolves” and Assistant Director on “Into the West”. He mentors film students and has taught at Bennington College. Fidel is a national lecturer on Native American ceremonies and traditions. Fidel identifies as Huichol and Chichimica and lives in Texas.