Afromystic experiments with ritual, the erotic, and gender representation through indigenous Yorùbá spirituality. The film will transform and re-appropriate mythology and desire for Queer, Trans & Gender Non Conforming (GNC) People Of Color ritualistically into images of our own creation for our survival...

after a fashion.jpg

After A Fashion

After a Fashion began by following artist and designer, Nicole Marie Fuller, and anthropological documentarian, Sally Levi, as they came up with an experiment to see if Sally would have more fun if she dressed fun. This led to the social and cultural question: are we what we wear?

american revolution.jpg

The American Revolution

"The American Revolution" chronicles free-form radio station WBCN-FM and Boston's other underground media, from 1968 to 1974, through the extraordinary original sights, sounds and stories.

ANGOLA_HAIR 300dpi.jpg

The Angola Project: Detroit

Filmmaker and performer Jeremy Xido returns home to Detroit after 20 years with a performance tying his personal history to kung fu, the slave trade, and a mulberry tree in his best friend’s backyard.

atlantic portals.jpg

Atlantic Portals: Full Circle

Atlantic Portals: Full Circle is the second in a trilogy of feature length documentaries about the Cape Verdean community in the Fox Point section of Providence, Rhode Island: the second oldest and largest community of Cape Verdeans in the world, outside of the Cape Verde Islands.


Ave Maria

A year after the destruction of Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rican Celebrity Chef Ventura Vivoni is cooking for those still in need on the island. As catastrophic as Maria was, it was just a tipping point, exposing the many complex issues Puerto Rico has faced throughout history. Ave Maria will connect the parallels of Puerto Rico’s colonial past with the current humanitarian disaster, while celebrating its rich culture and showcasing the resilience of the Puerto Rican people.


Back From The Brink

Back From The Brink tells the uplifting and unusual tale of the Franciscan Manzanita—a plant that had been extinct in the wild for 70 years, until a passing commuter spotted it growing on a small freeway traffic island, at the northern edge of San Francisco.

Photo of Bambi

Bambi's Burden

A short film about a woman's heroic decision to take control of the end of her life and the unexpected challenges it creates for her caregiver husband.

banjo project.jpg

The Banjo Project

An interactive documentary that can best be described as a cultural resource center for the history of the banjo from its African roots to the present, built on the 300+ hrs of video interviews, performances and archival materials.


Behind Our Eyes: The Human Cost Of War

A documentary about COMPASSION, UNDERSTANDING, and HOPE for our Veterans.

1953 W.C. Handy Cropped.jpg

"Mr. Music of Memphis"

Memphis produced some of the biggest names in the popular music of the twentieth century. W.C. Handy, Elvis, B.B. King, Otis Redding and other Stax recording artists occupied the national spotlight for many decades. Meanwhile another Memphian was playing his sophisticated brand of music in the background: Berl Olswanger, “Mr. Music of Memphis”. He may have had as great an impact on his hometown as any of the big names. Yet his story has never been told.


Beyond The Butch Mystique

Beyond The Butch Mystique is a feature documentary that revisits the Butch identified black lesbians who appeared in the 2003 award winning short film Butch Mystique. This new film will explore the changes in their lives over the years, with a look back at them from the original film, and how they now move through the world, particularly within the context of the growing gender identity movement.

Beyond The Duplex Planet Image.jpg

Beyond The Duplex Planet

Beyond The Duplex Planet is a feature documentary-in-progress about artist David Greenberger and his unconventional work with senior citizens.

Blanket Town

Blanket Town: The Rise and Fall of An American Mill Town

Swannanoa, a small town in the mountains of North Carolina, was once home to Beacon Blankets, the largest manufacturer of blankets in the world. Blanket Town chronicles the rise and fall of this company town, which was entirely built around the 'big red thumping heart' of the mill.


Children of the Vine

Vineyards are making a new splash in Bordeaux, France and Napa Valley, California. These renowned wine regions are now producing high cancer rates in the children who inhabit them. In France’s premier sweet wine region of Sauternes, leukemia rates in children are a whopping 500 percent higher than normal...



Cohibernation is a documentation of long term gay male bear relationships, concentrating on 6 couples of varying age, ethnicity and length of relationship from 10 – 26 years. We’ve asked questions about what it’s like to live as a male couple, what are the challenges and rewards, as well as what is unique to each couple.

Commies, Coloreds, and Queers

They fought together for justice on the seas and at home against the most powerful forces in the USA--only to be crushed and swept aside. But they are no longer forgotten: “Commies, Coloreds, and Queers”: The Stormy Voyage of the Marine Cooks and Stewards Union.


Crip Camp

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, just down the road from Woodstock, a parallel revolution blossomed in a ramshackle summer camp for disabled teenagers. Crip Camp explores the universal and emotional experience of a summer camp awakening that would forever change the lives of the camp community and shape the disability rights movement.


Dad Strangelove

Dad Strangelove is a son's telling of the astonishing tale of his legendary father; Terry Southern, a writer and reluctant '60s icon who helped transform many of the cultural signposts that defined his extraordinarily creative, turbulent times.


Diamond Diplomacy

Diamond Diplomacy is an hour-long HD documentary that explores the relationship between the United States and Japan through a shared love of baseball. Using the baseball life of Masanori “Mashi” Murakami (the first Japanese major leaguer) as a touchstone, Diamond Diplomacy reveals a surprising, obscure and often-controversial duality that has existed throughout this history.


Digital Dreamers (aka Hacker House)

DIGITAL DREAMERS is set within the high tech economy of global entrepreneurial culture. The film follows three ambitious, talented migrant entrepreneurs.


Divine Deviance

An exciting new documentary film and web series by, about, and for the Kink/BDSM/Fetish communities, showcasing the diversity of human sexuality and the creation of alternative families.


Dreileben: Three Lives

Shot over 14 years and two continents, Dreileben highlights the filmmaker’s ongoing quest to uncover truths within her family’s history regarding her mother’s escape over the Berlin Wall, her own identity, and the debilitating grip of Parkinsons disease on her mother today.

empty sign.jpg

El Signo Vacio (The Empty Sign)

Combining hand-processed 16mm film, optically printed historical films and an avant-garde soundscape, Kathryn Ramey’s feature-length ethno surrealist cinematic essay EL SIGNO VACÍO / THE EMPTY SIGN explores the 119-year US occupation of Puerto Rico to reveal how US citizens are implicated in maintaining colonization of this Caribbean paradise.


End Of Love

End Of Love raises critically important questions around a taboo subject and shows how child pornography destroys the lives of vulnerable youth on both sides of the screen.

Ernie & Joe

Ernie and Joe are not your everyday policemen—the kind that any of us usually conjure when we imagine officers on the scene; they are part of the San Antonio Police Department’s (SAPD’s) highly progressive and successful Mental Health Unit, which was founded in 2008...

rocks and water st john copy.jpg

Every Second Breath

The ocean serves as the lungs of our planet with over fifty percent of the oxygen
we breathe produced by the ocean. “Every Second Breath,” a series of video
shorts, will enlighten viewers about our oceans in crisis and inspire them to
become champions of change.


Evolution Cuba

Rum. Jazz. Vintage Cars. Island paradise or island prison. Cuba. We read about the shortages, the lack of opportunities, the expected regime change and lucrative business deals. Lost is the remarkable debate taking place across the country, where revolutionary ideals of equality face off against the allures of the 21st century market. This is highly visible in the world of art, where money, the state, and free expression collide. In a country where “art for the people” is fundamental, Evolution Cuba brings you a Cuba you don’t know, with six short portraits of artists at the heart of an evolving nation.


The Faithful

The Faithful is a feature length documentary exploring the enduring phenomenons of pop-icons Elvis Presley, Pope John Paul II, and Princess Diana. Over the course of a decade, the filmmaker journeys with fans and faithful on their pilgrimages to Graceland, Kensington Palace, and the Vatican.

fathers kaddish.jpg

A Father's Kaddish

Steve Branfman's 23-year-old son Jared tragically died of brain cancer in 2005. Cut down in the prime of his life and studying to be a potter like his father, Jared would never create again. His father, absorbed by his grief, did not know what to do. A week after his death, he went into his studio and cried. Eventually, he sat down at his potter's wheel, threw some clay and made a chawan (a Japanese tea bowl). He created one chawan each day for a year after his son's death, no matter where he was. This is a story of one man's path, using his art to grieve the loss of his son. Steve says, "My daily chawan made at my wheel was my own personal Kaddish."


The Field

For more than 30 years, a political battle has been waged for the fate of two communities. An ambitious airport plan centered near the small town of Peotone, Illinois pits rural residents fighting to save their homes against suburban politicians desperate to jumpstart their region’s failing economy. Ineffective government, economic forces, and political corruption have stalled the airport development for decades, leaving these two communities in limbo.

The Forgotten People

Just over a year ago, in the small village of Nabweye, Uganda, one out of four children died from drinking non-potable water. That all changed when Marie Antoinette Boot, a stay-at-home-mom from a suburban town in Connecticut decided she wanted to do something special for her 50th birthday...

gloria project.jpg

The Gloria! Project

The Gloria! Project is a thought-provoking feature-length documentary about the life and legacy of transformative civil rights leader and Latina lesbian Gloria Casarez. Born and raised in the Kensington section of Philadelphia, Gloria lived and organized during four decades of oppressive governmental policies and practices.

gloucester speaks.jpg

Gloucester Speaks

Today, approaching the City’s 400th anniversary, rapid changes are occurring. With the building of a new, modern hotel in the midst of a traditional Sicilian neighborhood of residences, docks, fishing boats and processing plants, Gloucester is transitioning from a fishing to a tourist economy.


Going Home To Glory

Going Home to Glory is a singularly intimate and personal portrait of the final years of the greatest avatar of the Greatest Generation, through the lens of his relationship with his only grandson, David Eisenhower, who came of age in the ‘60’s under the watchful eye of a man deeply caring, temperamental and world-esteemed, former Supreme Allied Commander and US President, Dwight David Eisenhower.


The G Word

Directed and produced by award winning filmmaker Marc Smolowitz, The G Word explores what giftedness looks like through a mosaic of personal, intimate stories of children, adults, and elders.

Bob in front of Cabin.jpg

Home And Away

A remote Newfoundland outport faces extinction. How are those who remain at home coping? What future do they hope for? Will new developments such as different fishery, tourism and long-distance commuting be enough to save Bay de Verde? While this film focuses on one Newfoundland community, it serves as a wider comment on what is being lost in many rural places across the planet.


How I Live

A film on the front lines of pediatric oncology that follows families, patients and healthcare providers as they live with, battle against and cure childhood cancer in the developing world.

handle a spoon.jpg

How To Handle A Spoon

In this intimate portrait, four South African township women, studying to be chefs, share a year of opportunity and upheaval as they commute from shacks to internships in luxury hotels.



David Binder first met Gail Farrow in 1987, in the offices of the AIDS Action Committee in Boston. Binder was a white guy, a photojournalist with a patient eye and an interest in social justice, living in Cambridge; Farrow was a reed-thin, 25-year-old black woman, living in Roxbury, with a fierce devotion to her children and a dreaded fatal disease. Their meeting would do nothing to slow the work of the virus attacking Gail’s immune system, or enable her to live long enough to see her four sons grow up; but it would transform her family’s future nonetheless.


Massive uprisings, from the Arab Spring, to Occupy Wall Street, to the movement of the squares, to Black Lives Matter have shaken the very core of our world system. Are these anti-systemic insurrections connected in some way? What does it mean when an insurrection takes place? How are demands produced in an insurrection? Are today’s insurrections developing new theories of social and political change?


A Kind Of Pilgrimage

'A Kind Of Pilgrimage' follows the life of Fleet Moves, an experimental dance festival held in the small beach town of Wellfleet, Cape Cod between the years of 2012 and 2017. Originally founded as an opportunity to develop and present site-specific work, the festival evolved over the course of its five years to become a much larger experiment in what it means to dance with a place, to make art that is in conversation with the community it finds itself within. Following artists from many different backgrounds including ballet, contemporary and theater forms, 'A Kind Of Pilgrimage' invites you to visit Wellfleet, as the festival comes and goes.

leap of faith.jpg

Leap of Faith

Donald Trump won because of the “unlikelies” – voters no one thought would support him. But they did. How’s that going to work out for them?


Light Years

Light Years, a documentary work-in-progress produced and directed by award-winning filmmaker Claire Marie Panke, profiles three people sculpting their lives with creativity and a knack for reinvention. The film offers an antidote to our outdated notions about aging as its stories unfold with wisdom, humor, and a few surprises.

Father Charlie Cover High Res-page-001.jpg

Living As Though People Matter

A feature length documentary that relays the story of Father Charlie Burrows, a Catholic priest and missionary who has given the best part of 40 years to improving the lives of the people of Cilacap, Indonesia.


Los Hermanos/The Brothers

Meet Ilmar and Aldo López-Gavilán, virtuoso brothers born in Havana, but long separated by geopolitics. Ilmar makes his way as a violinist in NY. Aldo is famous as a jazz and classical pianist in Cuba. Both find opportunities and challenges in their chosen countries.

Michael Lally: I Want To Call It Poems

Michael Lally: I Want To Call It Poems

The widely impactful career of poet, actor, screenwriter, playwright, and activist Michael Lally celebrates a milestone in 2018 with the publication of his 30th book, ANOTHER WAY TO PLAY, by Seven Stories Press. After a lifetime of building unlikely communities across the United States, Lally’s book tour reunites him with New York City, Washington DC, Los Angeles, New Jersey, and the Berkshires.

Minister of Loneliness Master Pic with tag line.jpg

Minister Of Loneliness

Six individuals of different ages, from different walks of life on different continents face an early demise from the health hazards of a rapidly growing epidemic: chronic loneliness and isolation. They are saved by a handful of people who have discovered that loneliness is harming millions of us as much as smoking or obesity.


The Monument

In 2016, the area surrounding Stonewall was designated as a National Monument. How and why did this location go from the site of a gay rights riot to a U.S. National Park in less than 50 years and what can we learn from Stonewall?

My Underground Mother.png

My Underground Mother

A daughter breaks a two-generation silence after finding her mother’s writing in a hidden Holocaust diary, linking her to women once trafficked as teenage Nazi slaves.


No Word For Autism

No Word for Autism brings new, vital voices from the margins into the center of the conversation: by doing so, it expands our understanding of the science – and experience – of autism. The film is uniquely poised to engage viewers with complex questions about the surging rates of autism through a character-driven and place-based approach.


Our Neighborhood

OUR NEIGHBORHOOD: Washington’s TV Cold War in Latin America across the 1960s is a feature-length documentary about Washington’s secret mobilization of TV to wage mass-cultural counterinsurgency throughout Latin America across the 1960s.


Pepito’s Violin

In 1945, the Puerto Rican community purchased a Stradivarius violin for native son, Pepito Figueroa. After an internationally celebrated career, Maestro Figueroa passed the instrument down to the next generation. In 2018, his son intends to sell the instrument, now worth millions, and donate the proceeds to support music in post-hurricane Maria Puerto Rico. A circle of generosity.


Phoenix: The Life and Death of Alice Herz

On March 16, 1965, Alice Herz, an 82 year old German Jewish immigrant, writer, and lifelong peace activist set herself on fire on a street corner in Detroit to protest "the arms race all over the world". Alice was the first U.S. activist to self-immolate in objection to the Vietnam War, yet is virtually unknown. Phoenix sheds light on her life and death while questioning why she has been erased from history.


Portrait Of Shirley

Shirley Clarke was an inventor of independent film in America. In the 1950’s and early 60’s, she declared flat-out war on the reigning conformist image factory: “Who says a film has to cost a million dollars and be safe and innocuous enough to satisfy every 12-year-old in America?”“Portrait of Shirley” is the first documentary about Clarke, a ground breaking but neglected American artist.


President Of Beauty

In March 2014 Lester Young will have been gone 55 years yet his swinging star shines bright in the film-in-progress, President of Beauty: the Live and Times of Lester Young.

queering yoga.jpg

Queering Yoga

A documentary about stories of personal transformation and healing through yoga in the queer, trans, QTPOC communities from the lens of decolonizing yoga.


Revolutionary Voices

Maureen Taylor, The Photo Detective, has spent ten years uncovering photographs and researching the lives of Revolutionary War era men and women featured in her “Last Muster” books published by Kent State University Press.Now, these images will be the basis of a film revealing the stories behind the photographs.


Ruth And Margaret

Ruth and Margaret is a hybrid film (combining narrative and documentary elements) about groundbreaking anthropologists Ruth Benedict and Margaret Mead. The two were lovers, soul mates and close intellectual companions in the 1920s and 30s, pioneering ideas about sexuality, gender, and race that transformed their field.

Sally Pic.jpg


Spanning nine decades from the 1930s to the 2010s, Sally tells the inspiring story of gay rights activist and feminist Sally Gearhart.

The Secret Life Of Humans

The Secret Life Of Humans

The Secret Life of Humans is an encyclopedia for sex and relationships in the modern era, presented in an attractive, fully-animated style. Each short episode explores a different area­ from the history of marriage, to the convoluted language of one-night stands, to the politics of polyamory. We mix interviews with scientists, historians, and other experts with deeply honest stories from regular people just trying to figure it all out.

pacific walking.jpg


SIA is a portrait of acclaimed Samoan novelist Sia Figiel and her battle against diabetes, obesity and other health issues.

Song Of Salt

Song Of Salt

SONG OF SALT is a haunting yet hopeful dive into the heart of a small desert town on the wrong side of the American dream. Burned out, abandoned, and neglected, Trona, CA appears to be in its death throes, but, like in most deserts, life here takes on surprising and beautiful forms.

Space Torah Project

On a Sabbath evening in February 1996, orbiting the earth in the Space Shuttle, astronaut Jeffrey Hoffman took out a miniature Torah, unrolled the parchment, and began reading from the First Chapter of Genesis…taking the Creation Story back to the Firmament...

strangers to peace.jpg

Strangers To Peace

Following a historic peace deal that ended 52 years of conflict, Colombia’s FARC guerrilla soldiers now prepare to re-enter mainstream society. Fearing stigmatization and retaliation, three ex-combatants: Ricardo, a former child recruit, Alexandra, an indigenous ex-combatant, and Dayana a former guerrilla now living as a transgender individual, struggle to find acceptance in a divided nation still haunted by its painful history.


Summer Reading

Summer Reading is a documentary about two young women traveling across America, along the way meeting both with renowned and roadside psychics of all schools – tarotmancers, astrologers, and even animal communicators.


Troubled Water

When goldmines threaten the fragile water resources of farming communities in Peru, Honduras and El Salvador, native people who live off the land try to stop the multinational mining corporations from the destructive exploitation of their natural resources.


Uncensored: Making AS220

Unjuried/Uncensored: Making AS220, is a feature length documentary about AS220, which was formed in 1985 to provide a venue for Rhode Island artists of all stripes.


The UG Krishnamurti Documentary

U.G.” is an exploratory portrait of the life and ideas of U.G. Krishnamurti (1918-2007), the provocative iconoclast who rejected the search for spiritual enlightenment.


Voices Combating Homophobia

This documentary will explore the cultural and legal history of homosexuality in Uganda up to the present “Kill the Gays Bill” pending in the Ugandan Parliament.


VR: The Movie

VR: The Movie will be a feature­ length film documenting the Virtual Reality movement and how it is both evolving and simultaneously bettering humanity.

Skyline of Famagusta.jpg

Waking Famagusta

A mother/daughter-led urban reclamation effort aims at transforming a 43-year old ghost town in Cyprus into a model ecocity.

museum of hidden city.jpg

Walking Cinema: Museum Of The Hidden City

An immersive journey into San Francisco's 80-year affordable housing experiment.

why doctors write.jpg

Why Doctors Write

Why Doctors Write: Finding Humanity in Medicine is a documentary feature film about the intersection of medicine and literature. It will guide viewers into areas of the medical world where creative writing and reflective reading are transforming doctors, medical students, and other healthcare workers.


Will I Be Next?

Will I Be Next? is about the quest to find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease as told by human research subjects in a long-term medical study. This independent documentary intimately shows what happens when human test subjects – who are at high risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease – offer their blood, brains, and hearts to conquer it.