Jabalna (جبلنا) is a documentary love letter to Lebanon through a journey across the country on the Lebanon Mountain Trail (LMT). The film will feature no expository talking heads and instead employ the poetic and pure observational modes. The film will be an audio-visual ethnography, a series of vignettes painting portraits of life on the trail, the fragility of Lebanon’s mountains, and the LMT’s unique ability to connect and reconnect both travelers and locals to Lebanon’s rich history, culture, and stunning geography. Loosely framed around chapters such as culture, village life, environmental preservation, identity, and the trail itself, the film’s mosaic will reveal the LMT not only as a vital environmental artery within Lebanon, but as a cultural touchstone to connect - or reconnect - with Lebanese culture. 

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Kevin Boueri (Producer//Photographer) is a passionate hiker, photographer, and Anthropology PhD candidate at Boston University. With a research interest in heritage tourism and social memory, Kevin recently completed 18 months of fieldwork in his home country of Lebanon, focusing on the Lebanon Mountain Trail. As a part of his dissertation research, Kevin has walked the length of the LMT twice, (re)discovering his own country alongside other hikers and sharing in their journeys. During his fieldwork, Kevin spent over a year assisting the Lebanon Mountain Trail Association in their efforts to develop the trail’s infrastructure and bolster community conservation initiatives. Production for this documentary relies on Kevin’s professional network in Lebanon, knowledge of the LMT’s touristic infrastructure, and photographer’s eye for Lebanon’s “hidden gems” found on the LMT.

Kevin Boueri
Lewis Wilcox

Lewis Wilcox (Director//DP//Editor) is a documentary director, producer, cinematographer and editor. His first short film, “Running on Fumes in North Dakota” debuted on the front page of the New York Times as part of their Emmy-award winning Op-Docs series. It would expand into the feature film “The Bakken”, winner of the Audience Award in its debut at MSPIFF. His next major project, “Before The Bridge” debuted at the prestigious Dok Leipzig festival, winning its category, and screening at over a dozen festivals, winning three. Most recently, Lewis produced, directed photography, and edited the Netflix original docu-series “Westside”. In between, he has freelanced for clients including Anonymous Content, Intellectual Property Corp, IDEO, Swift, All3Media America, Gurney Productions, and as a member of Los Angeles art collective Arthur King. He brings a professional network including Oscar winners along with his own soup to nuts expertise in documentary filmmaking.