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Before Homosexuals

Before Homosexuals takes the viewer on a wondrous tour of same-sex desire from ancient times to Victorian crimes.


The Buddy System

Dogs are transforming the lives of children on the autism spectrum. The Buddy System tells the intimate stories of three families touched by autism, who experience a remarkable change when a specially trained autism assistance dog comes into their lives.


A Call To Remember: The David Schaecter Story

This 30-minute documentary geared for educational distribution focuses on the life of David Schaecter.  Born in a small town in Slovakia, his harrowing tale of surviving the Holocaust takes viewers on a poignant journey.

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Circle Up

After the brutal slaying of her teenage son, Janet Connors reaches out to her son’s killer to offer a chance for forgiveness. They team up with a group of mothers of murdered children to help young people in their community break the chain of violence and revenge.



A documentary about cultural survival and stolen children: inside the first truth and reconciliation commission for Native Americans.


Edgar Allan Poe: Buried Alive

Edgar Allan Poe: BURIED ALIVE employs a variety of tools to create a narrative that is both visually stunning and deeply engaging. We draw on the rich palette of Poe’s evocative imagery and sharply drawn plots to help us bring new understanding to his life, his place in American art and history, and the iconic position he holds in popular culture around the world. 

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Finding Kukan

Can the discovery of a long lost 1941 Oscar-winning film bring redemption to the unheralded Chinese American woman behind the making of the movie?

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From Baghdad To The Bay

From Baghdad to The Bay is a documentary that follows the journey of an Iraqi refugee and former translator for the US military.  
Wrongfully accused of being a double agent, tortured by the U.S., and ostracized from his family and country, Ghazwan Alsharif struggles to rebuild his life in the United States while coming out as an openly gay man.

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Getting High

Getting High reaches across political, social, and emotional barriers. We see an America simultaneously drawn to and repelled by mind-altering substances, a place of profound divisions where millions struggle with addiction but have few alternatives for help without long-lasting criminal sanctions. The film probes into what works and what is wrong with court-mandated drug treatment.


Just One Drop

Just One Drop tells a no-holds-barred look at the most controversial form of medicine ever invented. Homeopathy treats the entire person, not just the disease. It’s a specific form of medicine that uses minute doses of a highly diluted substance that stimulates the body to cure itself.

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Lake Of Betrayal

Lake of Betrayal looks at the Seneca Nation’s fight to protect its sovereignty against a backdrop of a federal Indian Termination policy, pork-barrel politics, and undisclosed plans for private hydro-power generation. The documentary takes a long view of the imposed changes on the Seneca’s way of life that have led to major economic benefits and irreplaceable cultural losses.

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Life Interrupted: Telling Breast Cancer Stories


LIFE INTERRUPTED, a documentary feature film about breast cancer, chronicles the lives and experiences of three unique survivors including the filmmaker herself from diagnosis through treatment and life beyond.


One Big Home

Trophy homes threaten Martha’s Vineyard. When he feels he is complicit in wrecking the place he calls home, one carpenter takes off his tool belt and picks up a camera. The film follows his efforts to pass a new bylaw to limit house size.

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Paternal Rites

A first-person essay film exploring the inheritance of familial trauma alongside the imperial violence of white masculinity and the mythical allure of the road. By re-creating his parents’ 1974 cross-country road trip, the filmmaker leads his family through their history of sexual violence, alcoholism, and mental illness in an attempt to heal old wounds. 

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The Peacemaker

THE PEACEMAKER follows international peacemaker Padraig O'Malley, who helps make peace for others but struggles to find it for himself. 

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Street Fighting Men

Shot over two years in the neighborhoods of Detroit, STREET FIGHTING MEN is a modern American narrative; a story of hard work, faith, and manhood in a community left to fend for itself.

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A Womb Of Their Own

When six diverse masculine-identified people get pregnant, they are challenged by binary gender constructs in mainstream culture, and even in the LGBTQ community. Follow their radical, joyful stories of establishing their own unique gender and sexuality, growing a baby in their bodies, nd birthing, chestfeeding and parenting their children.