Now and Again follows two brothers in their early twenties, as they try to uncover the past and capture the present, in order to be remembered in the future. ALEX and KOBY are recreating MEL’s 1945 bike ride photographs by searching for those locations today. 

With the help of CONNIE, Mel’s wife of 65 years and GEORGE, Mel’s lifelong friend and co-adventurer on the bike trip, ALEX begins to piece together the memory of a man who can no longer remember it. 

These intimate conversation blend with family footage from 1950s film reels to 1990s video tapes, and often turbulent present-day bike trip, telling the story of three generations of love, conflict, and life.


Alex Leff (Director/Producer) earned a Bachelor of Arts studying documentary film at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts. In addition to his studies, Alex directed and produced two feature films on the climate justice movement. His 2013 Students & Goliath: How The Youth Took On The Fossil Fuel Industry was hailed by eminent environmentalist Bill McKibben and screened at dozens of colleges and universities nationwide. For his 2015 feature, In The Path of Resistance, Alex followed three front-line communities living along the proposed Keystone XL pipeline to highlight their struggle and resiliency. In The Path of Resistance was picked up by RT for international broadcast and translated into Spanish, Arabic, and Russian. 

Meredith Chin (Consulting Producer) is a documentary film producer, currently producing a feature called Duty Free. She is a 2019 Film Independent Fellow. Meredith began her career in the technology industry at Facebook, taking the company from a college directory to a global phenomenon and over one billion users. She also led communications for Instagram after it was acquired by Facebook in 2012. Meredith consults for several early-stage start-ups to develop company narratives and support in growth and social strategies. She currently also invests in and advises startups led by women and people of color. Meredith holds a BA in journalism from Penn State University.

Knox Huppert (Production Manager) earned their B.A. with a focus on socio-political theory and studio arts from Hampshire College in 2013. They have since completed graduate MFA coursework in Digital Arts & New Media at U.C. Santa Cruz, with a focus on Participatory Culture and Media(s) that highlight the narratives of underrepresented populations.