Community Supported Film (CSFilm) strengthens documentary storytelling capacity in countries where the dissemination of objective and accurate information is essential to stabilization and development. CSFilm trains local men and women in video- journalism and documentary filmmaking so that they can tell stories rooted in their reality to better influence local and international views on sustainable paths to a more peaceful and equitable world. Owning Our Future: Haitian Perspectives in Film is a collection often Haitian-made films that provide a unique opportunity to experience Haiti as it is lived by street vendors, business women, artists, farmers and more. Their stories, focusing on the economic and social development challenges faced by Haitians, nourish an understanding of Haiti that goes beyond its man-made and natural disasters.


Michael Sheridan, Executive Producer and Director of Community Supported Film. Michael Sheridan has been making documentary and experimental films for nearly 20
years about people in poor and developing communities challenging the status quo and working to improve their lives. Michael has taught filmmaking for 15 years at the
community and university level. He served as Senior Fulbright Scholar in Indonesia. In 2009 he began work on a documentary,Brewing Tea in a Kettle of War,about effective aid
from the perspective of Afghan villagers. In the process of developing this project, he created Community Supported Film to engage locals by training them in documentary
filmmaking with a focus on social and economic development issues. The resulting films engage local and international audiences with experiences that go beyond the crisis
reporting that dominates western media.

Groupe Medialternatif, Haiti Producer. Groupe Medialternatif produces independent media, creates media spaces and alternative means of communication, promotes exchanges on journalism and communication and provides media production services.