Song Of Salt is a haunting yet hopeful dive into the heart of a small desert town on the wrong side of the American dream. Burned out, abandoned, and neglected, Trona, CA appears to be in its death throes, but, like in most deserts, life here takes on surprising and beautiful forms.

In an observational yet immersive style, Song Of Salt will weave a tapestry of characters that gives a face to this often overlooked realm of rural American life.


Emma Baiada is SONG OF SALT’s co-director, producer, co-cinematographer, and assembly editor. She is currently an Associate Producer at Tremolo Productions, where she works closely with Academy Award-winning director Morgan Neville. Her credits include Focus Features’ WON’T YOU BE MY NEIGHBOR?; Netflix’s ABSTRACT: THE ART OF DESIGN; UGLY DELICIOUS; and THEY’LL LOVE ME WHEN I’M DEAD; and an upcoming music documentary series for Showtime. Prior to working at Tremolo, she was an assistant in the Motion Picture Literary department at William Morris Endeavor. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, Cinema Studies, and Consumer Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. (

Nicolas Snyder is the film’s co-director, co-cinematographer, and composer. He currently works as a freelance composer in Los Angeles. His television credits include Netflix’s UGLY DELICIOUS and an upcoming animated pilot for Adult Swim. His commercial credits include G.E.’s “A Snowball’s Chance in Hell”; FedEx’s “Dream” directed by Michel Gondry; and several spots for He has also scored many short films, both scripted and documentary. (