Sex is complicated. Dating is impossible. Marriage is interminable. Within seconds of meeting an attractive human, our brains are flooded with a potent cocktail of hormones and demands that fundamentally change our sense of what makes life worth living. We are slaves to Iove and Iust, and the majority of us will spend our waking lives hiding everything we really want to say from everyone we really want to say it to. 

The Secret Life of Humans is an encyclopedia for sex and relationships in the modern era, presented in an attractive, fully-animated style. Each short episode explores a different area­ from the history of marriage, to the convoluted language of one-night stands, to the politics of polyamory. We mix interviews with scientists, historians, and other experts with deeply honest stories from regular people just trying to figure it all out. 

It might be insanely ambitious - but if we can pull this off, it will change the world.


Damon Stea

Damon Stea (Director) is the directing arm of Mindfruit and has a deep curiosity about the internal lives of all living things. Damon has directed over 100 short films, documentaries, commercials, and music videos, and has worked with such clients as National Geographic, Forever 21, and Duck Tape. Damon's films have been screened at SXSW, on billboards in Times Square, and on national television. Damon's short documentary Obscura has been screened internationally- both on television and at numerous festivals including RAW Film Festival and the Vimeo Festival. 

Cassandra Chowdhury

Cassandra Chowdhury (Producer) is the producing arm of Mindfruit, and also has significant professional experience as an animator and editor. Though her career started in commercials and music videos, Cassandra has refocused on documentary and educational content, and seeks with each of her projects to make people think more compassionately about the world around them. Cassandra has worked with such clients as National Geographic and the Endangered Species Coalition. In 2018 Cassandra was selected as a fellow at the International Wildlife Film Festival due to her deep commitment to science media.