All parents need childcare, and all children deserve the early education that prepares them for lifelong learning so they can thrive in school and in life. America’s current system of childcare and early education is built upon a history of gender, race and class bias that dismisses the needs of women, children and families. The Waiting List is a feature length documentary that combines vérité and essay storytelling to explore these issues through the work of parent advocacy leader and national organizer Clarissa Doutherd. As a formerly homeless mother, her experience propels her work to empower parents and to fight for quality child care and early education for all. The film follows Clarissa beginning in 2016, covering her local and national work driving the movement for comprehensive childcare and early education for all families. The Waiting List’s unique equity lens delves into the socioeconomic and health impacts of continuing to do away with supports for children, families, and caregivers.


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Tamara Perkins, Director | Producer | Writer, is an award-winning filmmaker, writer and changemaker focused on stories that inspire dialogue, empower and uplift voices from vulnerable communities. Pulling from her work in restorative justice as a grief support facilitator, speaker, and non-profit director she founded Apple of Discord Productions in 2006. Co-founding yoga and mindfulness non-profit Niroga in 2005 both inspired Tamara’s early short films and facilitated her relationship with San Quentin State Prison. Involved with grief and trauma support since 2001, Tamara’s experience facilitating groups for children, youth and adults has influenced her interviewing and storytelling practice and philosophy. Continuing to connect media, activism and healing, she developed programs such as the Wisdom Project and San Quentin Media Project which trained at-risk youth and incarcerated men in filmmaking as a tool for transformation.

Tamara’s recent film Life After Life began in her yoga class inside San Quentin State Prison when the men asked her to tell their story and continues to be a catalyst for learning and advocacy nationally. Tamara is a recipient of the National Council on Crime and Delinquency’s, Media for a Just Society Award, and was tapped to give a TEDx talk related to her film titled  ‘Life After: Embracing our Common Humanity’. As a national speaker, Tamara’s repertoire spans filmmaking to prison issues and human rights. Tamara’s current film, The Waiting List, explores the lack of quality, affordable childcare and early education and the role of gender, race, and class on America’s early childhood education system. As a media activist and healer, Tamara envisions a future without prisons, where all trauma-impacted children, youth and adults are not met with harm but held in healing.