THIS TOO IS LIBERIA is an immersive documentary that follows Liberian surfer Melvin Kabakole Jr. and his friends as they heal their traumatized communities through surf therapy.

Liberia is a beautiful country with a rich history. The majority of the country lives on the coast of the Atlantic ocean; yet, most of its population cannot swim. There is a cultural trauma surrounding the ocean due to high rates of drownings and taboo water ritual practices.

However, Melvin and his colleagues see the ocean as a place of power, peace, and opportunity. They are disheartened by all the drownings but, instead of giving into fear, they decide that teaching others about the ocean is the key. The young surfers try to use their skills to start the Monrovian chapter of a water safety and surf therapy program called Waves For Change. We follow their story as they try to convince their headstrong community to attempt a new way of living.

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