Kitty Tsui: Nice Chinese Girls Don’t, is a short documentary in postproduction. It is intended for Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Ethnic Studies, Asian American Studies,  Communications, poetry, English and literature courses. With your help, we can make this documentary available to Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Ethnic Studies, Asian American Studies, communications, poetry, English and literature courses.

In Nice Chinese Girls Don’t, Tsui recounts through poems and stories her arrival as an immigrant from Hong Kong and her emergence as a poet, activist, writer, artist and body builder in the early days of the Women’s Liberation Movement in San Francisco.

Tsui was a founding member of Unbound Feet, the first Chinese American women’s performance group, now widely recognized as a catalyst for the Asian Pacific Islander feminist and lesbian movements. Tsui was recently honored by her alma mater, San Francisco State University, with induction into the Alumni Hall of Fame.  The Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center commissioned a poem and selected as part of their Asian Pacific Poetry Project display.

Tsui’s groundbreaking books include ‘The Words of a Woman Who Breathes Fire’, and ‘Breathless: Erotica’, received a Firecracker Alternative Book Award. Her new collection of poetry: old and new: ‘Nice Chinese Girls Don’t’, will be released from Sinister Wisdom and A Midsummer’s Night Press in 2020.

Your support is critical to the completion of this project by award winning filmmaker, activist, radio broadcast and poet, Jennifer Abod, PhD.


Jennifer Lynn Abod, Ph.D. Intercultural Media Education and Women’s Studies Abod is an award winning video and audio documentarian. She was a radio broadcaster and producer on commercial, public and community radio for 19 years. “The Passionate Pursuits of Angela Bowen,”(WMM, @Vimeo on Demand), “The Edge of Each Others Battles: The Vision Of Audre Lorde,” (WMM) “Look us in the Eye: The Old Women’s Project,” (Aquarius, She published “Out of the Blue: Aleta’ Stories,”; by Angela Bowen, (Amazon). Dr. Abod taught in the Departments of Communication at Worcester State, and Hofstra University, and Women’s Studies, UMass Boston and Cal State Long Beach. She was a Media specialist at Digital Equipment Corporation. Abod was the first woman in Connecticut to host a nightly AM radio talk show, “The Jennifer Abod Show,” WELI-AM. She was a singer and songwriter in the New Haven Women’s Liberation Rock Band (1970-1976). (

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