The widely impactful career of actor, screenwriter, playwright, poet, and activist Michael Lally celebrates a milestone in 2018 with the publication of his 30th book, Another Way To Play. After a lifetime of building unlikely communities across the U.S., Lally’s book tour reunites him with New York City, Los Angeles, Washington DC, San Fransisco, and the Berkshires.

Lally’s mission to facilitate change through accessible language reveals its footprints in pivotal moments of the civil rights, LGBTQ+, and feminist movements: a motivational template for any believer in equality. Featuring original interviews with writers, musicians, activists, movie stars, and more, I Want To Call It Poems captures the trajectory of a curious, pugnacious spirit that dares to lift its gaze beyond current limitations.

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Rachel E. Diken’s creative background as a filmmaker, screenwriter, playwright, and actor is balanced with her corporate operations and speaking experience. Awards include a 2018 Council on the Arts Fellowship for playwriting.

Through of course i am productions, llc.,Rachel is making her directorial debut with the feature documentary film MICHAEL LALLY: I WANT TO CALL IT POEMS, in production 2018-2019. Visit